This 24-Year-Old Artist Colorizes Historical Black & White Photos, And The Results Are Hauntingly Real

Anybody can use Photoshop, but doing a good job remains a craft. Professional colorist from Brazil, Marina Amaral, doesn’t just click-and-drag. Driven by her burning obsession with history, Marina does extensive research to make her colorizations as realistic as possible, too.

Amaral has played with Photoshop since she was about ten. In 2015, she was scrolling a history forum on the internet and discovered colorized photos of World War I. Instantly inspired, Amaral started restoring and putting color into photos that were originally black and white. This allows people to experience the past through a whole new perspective. “Each photo is made to be realistic by recognizing the value behind each one of them, respecting and preserving their stories, paying attention to the finer details and maintaining their original essence.”

“Every completed work has gone through long and in depth research, and is supported by the opinions of experts in each particular area if necessary, to faithfully reproduce the original colors and atmosphere,” she adds. “My work ranges from simple portraits to complex and detailed images, taken from various historical periods covering a wide range of topics.” Continue scrolling to enjoy Marina’s wonderful work.

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Hermann Göring sits in the dock at the Nuremberg Trial, 1946.

Image credits: Marina Amaral

Banana Docks, New York. Ca 1890 – 1910.

Lewis Powell. He was a conspirator with John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated president Abraham Lincoln. Ladies, try to keep your panties dry please.

School at Anthoston, Kentucky, 1916.

A 1st Royal Ulster Rifles, 6th Airborne Division (UK) sniper, on patrol in the Ardennes, wearing a snow camouflage suit. 14 January 1945.

Angoni warriors at King George V’s coronation celebrations, Zomba, 1911.

Grigori Rasputin. Lover of the Russian Queen.

Civil rights march on Washington, D. C. with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mathew Ahmann in a crowd

Men of 72 Highlanders who served in the Crimea: William Noble, Alexander Davison and John Harper, 1853 – 1856.

Young Kenyan woman holding a dik-dik, Mombasa; 1909

Sir Winston Churchill in his Knight of the Garter robes, his son Randolph, and grandson, Winston. Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation day, 1953.

Cree man, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1903

Filthy thirteen member Clarence Ware applies war paint to Charles Plaudo. England, 31 December 1943

French soldiers, WWI

Auschwitz registration picture – Czeslawa Kwoka. Czeslawa was a Polish catholic girl, from Wolka Zlojecka, Poland, who was sent to Auschwitz with her mother in December of 1942. Within three months, both were dead.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. 2 June, 1953

Sami girl, 1938, Suenjel, Petsamo

Hiroshima after bombing

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

Richard M. Nixon and Elvis Presley at the White House, 12/21/1970

King George V, 1914

Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy on their wedding day. September 12, 1953

General George S. Patton acknowledging the cheers of the welcoming crowds in Los Angeles, CA, during his visit on June 9, 1945

Titanic prepares to leave port, 1912

The most intelligent picture ever taken (its over 9000!): participants of the 5th Solvay conference on quantum mechanics, 1927

Paris street in the June Days Uprising, 1848

Thomas Edison relaxing on a “Vagabonds” camping trip, 1921

Massaponax Church, Va. Council of war, 1864